Waitstaff Shirts

Purchase waitstaff uniforms at for wholesale prices and save big for your restaurant or catering company. Waiters and waitresses will look polished and professional in these uniforms. Our waiter uniforms come in a multitude of colors and styles. From prim and polished to easy and casual - we have exactly what your business will need.

We offer eight unique long-sleeve styles of wait staff shirts. All long-sleeve styles come in 10 different fashion colors. With such a variety, matching uniforms to restaurant colors and décor has never been easier.

If your restaurant features a more casual dining experience, a short-sleeve waiter uniform would be a great choice. Choose from four different styles of short-sleeve shirts. These shirts come in 3 different fashion colors - black, blue and gold. They even feature fun, subtle designs.

In the food and beverage business it's inevitable things will get spilled and splashed not only on countertops, but also on waitstaff uniforms. That's why all of these are machine washable and laundry friendly. Food stains will lift right off the shirts, leaving them just as crisp and fresh as when they were brand new.