Cloth Napkins

At Image Textile we provide high-quality restaurant linen services for our clients. Our premium cloth napkins are made of 100 percent Murata air-jet spun polyester. They offer the luxurious feel of fine cotton that your guests will expect, but are wrinkle-free for your convenience. With our premium cloth napkins you will not have to worry about your napkins looking presentable and being ready for customers. The high-quality fabric ensures they will look great each and every time. The polyester fibers are incredibly durable and easy to care for, offering years of use and long-lasting beauty. These napkins won’t look worn after only a few washes; they will look great after many laundry cycles. Our handsome napkins are treated with a special soil-release finish in order to prevent food or other items from leaving stains on our napkins. They are also made with reinforced hems to keep them together and prevent lose threads from damaging the appearance and look of the napkins.

Choose from a variety of options including polyester, cotton, or bistro style napkins. These are available in many different colors and sizes to match your décor or simply the traditional black or white options. Let us take the work out of maintaining your linens. At Image Textile our linen services take care of everything regarding your linens. Our service provides you with an initial inventory of linen and carefully maintains it so you always have enough to run your business efficiently. This includes taking care of the laundry services to make sure every piece delivered to you is up to par. At Image Textile we strive to provide you with linens you are proud to present in your restaurant or business. Contact us today to get started with a quality napkin linen service for your restaurant.