Microfiber Towels

We guarantee that purchasing our microfiber towels is a greater investment than with any other distributor. We ship our towels directly from the importer, cutting out any extra expenses in between, providing you with the lowest prices available! We keep our microfiber towels in stock for immediate shipping and expedited delivery to your business. We also offer free ground shipping to anywhere in the continental United States for any purchase. Microfiber Terry cloth towels are ideal for general purpose wiping. These widespread towels are used throughout many industries in the nation, such as medical, automotive, food and beverage, or hospitality businesses. They are versatile and able to withstand many towel requirements of these industries. Our Microfiber terry cloth towels come in a variety of different styles. These styles include, but are not limited to, the microfiber honeycomb towels and the microfiber glass towels.

• Microfiber Honeycomb – Microfiber honeycomb towels are excellent oversized kitchen towels or car wash body towels. They provide extended fibers through a honeycomb texture, perfect for absorbency.

• Microfiber Glass – Microfiber glass towels are the ultimate non-lint, non-streak towels for glassware and silverware products. These are perfect for the restaurant and hospitality industry which must provide glass and silverware products for guests dining in their establishment. These types of towels clean the products, leaving no smudges behind.

Order from Image Textile, we guarantee high-quality products delivered quickly to your door step. We make sure that we provide on-time delivery as well as extremely durable and absorbent towels created from excellent microfiber material. Give us a call today at 866-328-0454 to receive discounts on certain microfiber products. Check out our list of products, as well as their special prices for the day. Make sure to inquire about our special discounts on purchasing larger quantities to save more!