About Us



  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  No restocking charges for items returned in new, unused condition.  To our knowledge no other INTERNET linen company has this policy.
  • We operate from a brick and mortar warehouse that is fully staffed with customer service, sales, shipping, and receiving employees.  We are not computer gurus that one day woke up and said "Let's sell towels on the INTERNET".  We are a wholesale linen supplier that utilizes the INTERNET as one avenue to market our products. 
  • Most of the items on our website are stocked in our warehouse in large quantities which allows us to ship orders promptly and in some cases the same business day.  Some items are more cost effective to drop ship direct from the manufacturer.
  • 30 years in business has allowed us to understand the markets we serve and how the products we sale are used and as a result we feel confident we can best guide our current customers and potential customers far better than the competition.   Over this 30 year period we have developed many personal relationships with owners and managers of many types of businesses including laundries, hotels, golf and country clubs, restaurants, churches, hospitals, car washes, embroiders, and others that have given us first hand experience of how our products perform and how to best meet your expectations.
  • We pride ourselves in representing our products and services as accurately as we possibly can.  Slogans and come-on lines such as "Buy Direct", "No Middleman", "Save 48%" are not our claims.  Nor will you ever see any phony testimonials on our website.  In the United States there is only one institutional towel and one institutional bed sheet mill left.  So with this being said "buy direct", "no middleman", etc. are purely come-on statements. 
  • We contract directly with mills overseas to manufacture many of the products you see on our website, particularly the towels, aprons, and table linen you see on our site.  We have long standing relationships with these mills who make the products to our exacting specifications and ship to our warehouse on a continual and timely basis.  These relationships allow Image Textile to offer consistent quality and value to our customer.  Image Textile likes to see itself as "the low cost provider" as a result.