Restroom Tissue

Nothing is worse than walking into a wonderful place of business and having a fantastic experience, only to have it trumped by an ill-equipped bathroom. When you stock your business with supplies, you must stock everypart of it. Every business needs the bare necessities, and we have a variety here at Image Textile. Your bathrooms can always be stocked when you buy restroom tissue in bulk at wholesale prices. And, of course, the more you buy…the more you save!

Our restroom tissue is shipped by the case and usually leaves our warehouse the very next business day after you place your order. We also offer very low shipping fees, so your business can save even more by shopping with

Choose from 2-ply jumbo roll restroom tissue in 1000' or 1550' rolls. Using industrial size tissue rolls is more convenient and labor efficient - a great thing for any business.

We also have a jumbo roll tissue dispenser. This product comes in a translucent black color, so seeing tissue supply is easy. Simply take a peek to see if and when you need to restock.