How Thread Count Affects Spa Patrons Experience

How Thread Count Affects Spa Patrons Experience

Posted by Image Textile on 26th Jul 2016

spa towelsSpa patrons enjoy high quality towels and linen products. Usually, patrons do not pay close attention to towel labels to examine the material. However, individuals can notice a better towel based on the softness and durability. High quality towels can handle more washes and are strong enough to clean up any mess while also providing a softness. High thread count towels tend to be of the best quality because of the amount of material used. A towel’s thread count means the amount of threads per square inch of a fabric.

Spa patrons that notice towels with low quality will assume that the business is unprofessional and inexperienced. They will assume that as a result of this, the business is unhygienic and low grade. Towels with poor value are uncomfortable, rough, and can damage easily when washed to reuse. Low quality towels should be avoided when offering towels to customers in a spa or salon.

In order to avoid being succumbed to low quality towels, make sure you check the products that your linen and towel service delivers to you. Also, purchasing towels from a reputable company will be beneficial as qualified towel wholesalers gear towards providing high quality at all times. Image Textile is a qualified wholesaler with some of the best spa towels in the industry.

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