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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.  I see polyester napkins and tablecloths on other online stores, what is the difference in your product and those from other stores?
A.  Our spun polyester products are made on Murata Air Jet Spinning equipment which is the industry proven method of manufacturing spun polyester yarns for napkin and tablecloth use.   Cheaper polyester products such as Dacron Or Visa are slick, non-absorbent, and will snag over time.  Our Murata Air Jet Spun Polyester napkins and tablecloths address all of the problems that exist in prior generation polyester products such as Dacron and Visa.

Q.  Do your tablecloths have seams?
A.  All of our tablecloths up to 120" round are one piece construction, no seams.   This great feature allows for a stronger table cloth and nicer looking presentation.   Most cheaper polyester products are made from 66-70" wide fabric that leaves an unsightly center seam in the middle of the tablecloth.  If you are considering an online purchase of tablecloths and the online vendor doesn't make mention that they offer seamless tablecloths, you can almost bet their tablecloths will have seams.

Q.  Do your spun polyester napkins and table cloths have a pattern in them?
A.  No, it is a basic plain weave great for almost all occasions.

Q.  Can I use Chlorine Bleach to clean your tablecloths?
A.  Another great advantage of our product is that you can use Chlorine Bleach to spot clean stains on our White napkins and tablecloths without fear of harming or weakening the fabric.  On colored linen, Chlorine Bleach should never be used.

Q.  How heavy is the fabric used in your tablecloths?
A.  7.2 oz material that is 10-20% heavier than most of the competitive products on the market.  The material is heavy enough to where you cannot see the table.

Q.  How long will my napkins and table cloths last?
A.  Our spun polyester napkins and table cloths will outlast 100% cotton, 50/50 poly/cotton, and cheaper polyester products many times over.  As to an exact number of launderings, it is impossible to say as factors such as local water conditions, types and amounts of chemicals used, and the situation the products are used in all determine this.