Table Skirting

Using table skirts is a great way to create a stylish and classy display for your business. Adorn your tables with linen table skirts from Image Textile to give your space a more luxurious feel. Table skirts attach to the edge of the table top and create a curtain that blocks the legs and underside of the table from being visible. This allows you the flexibility to store items under the table or simply just create a more elegant feel for the room. Also, using a table skirt allows you to easily make use of inexpensive folding tables in areas where the table arrangements need to be moved frequently to accommodate different events, such as weddings or conventions.

At Image Textile, we only have the highest quality products. Our linen table skirts are made out of a polyester blend that ensures they are durable and last through many washing cycles and also allow them to look luxurious. Our table skirts will not become worn out or look old after only a few wash cycles. The table skirts come in three basic sizes, ensuring we have a table skirt to fit any table you may have. All of our table skirts have a shirred pleat to make them more appealing and presentable. The table skirts come in a wide variety of colors ranging from the classic black or white to various shades of reds, blues and pinks. We are sure to have the exact color to match your décor.

At Image textile, we are experts in the linen services industry. Not only do we have table linens, but we also specialize in a wide variety of other linens as well. Such as towels, bedding, medical wear, and floor mats. Contact us today to see what we can do for your business!