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Mobile Caddy

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Forget about battling your table skirt collection. Instead of trying to arrange and handle multiple table skirts in a box or other storage unit, try out our mobile caddy. The mobile caddy holds up to 20 folded table skirts so you can say goodbye to wrinkles forever. The mobile caddy also ensures that every table skirt has a place and no pieces get misplaced or left behind. The caddy is set on casters so it can easily roll out for set-up and breakdown. The mobile caddy features a dual-level design, displaying skirts in 2 even rows. Your table skirt collection may be arranged on the caddy however you desire, either by color, by size or by another defining feature. The unit is deigned to be easy to use and easy to customize to suit your needs. The organizing mobile caddy is priced affordably. Use the savings to purchase additional skirts or accessories such as skirt hangers. Skirt hangers can be used in conjunction with the mobile caddy for a complete set-up. As always, you'll also enjoy Image Textile's legendary customer service with every order.