Floor Mats

Floor mats are beneficial to most businesses, whether it be a doctor's office, lab or car repair shop. Floor mats keep interiors free of dirt and debris dragged in from outside, as well as providing ample cushioning for tired feet and legs. They can be placed in a variety of places, and most make great entryway pieces. Here at Image Textile we offer a wonderful selection of mats for all uses and spaces. Buy in bulk and save with our low wholesale prices.

We offer great kitchen floor mats for high volume restaurants and catering services. Resistant to oils, liquids and animal fats, these offer great traction in slippery kitchen environments. They offer large drainage holes to deter liquid and waste flow to keep floors dry and safe.
We also offer scraper mats, which are optimal for outdoor entrances and keep dirt, mud, and other debris from being tracked indoors. These mats are a great option for businesses with high volume during wet and snowy months.

Waterhog mats are another style we carry here at All are extremely durable and can withstand any high traffic conditions. Backed with rubber, they are easy to clean, and offer a great surface for ridding shoes of dirt, water and mud.

Shop our selection of floor mats and order in bulk to save big for your business, as well as keep it clean and comfortable. We offer amazing wholesale prices and 100% satisfaction guarantee.